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Here’re some pix. of Zak, some from a visit to my mates, and some from brother Barrie's wedding. Click on the thumbnails to view the full picture :-

Just before his bedroom became his bedroom Another shot of the same - but a bit blurry My friends Mark & Claire’s daughter Hannah The original Mr. B
How to break an ambulance You are getting sleepy I’ll be for it if they see this ... Hotel before my borther’s wedding
Blurry, no flash, but oddly compelling <grin> He was actually enjoying it ... Me, my other bruv. and Zak
Ye olde Dutch courage Well, that’s that, then It's a habit he’s got You’re guess is as good as mine
Mum’n’Dad How not to hide under a napkin That’s Sarah, that is That’s Katrina, that is
The first dance Christmas time, mistletoe and wine ... More more more ... Wafer thin mint