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Jarod “Jay” Thomas joined the world at 21:36 on Friday 24th. January, two days late, at 7 lbs 1 oz.

Do you know, oddly I don’t seem to have the same amount of time to do this write–up as when Zak was born :-) So I’ll keep this a bit shorter.

At around 3 in the morning, Kate decided she was starting to feel more regular pains than she had done for the past couple of months (been a rough one, this), so she got up with me before 6 when I started to get ready for work. However, things seemed to settle down after that, so I set off for work (although I sent Mat, my lift–share off separately, just in case I got a call half–way there).

I didn’t. But, by the time I got home at around 14:30, Kate had ’phoned the hospital as she’d continueed having pains on–and–off, and they’d asked her to pop in for a quick check up.

No rush (we only took Kate’s “birth bags” on the off–chance). We trollied into the ward after 15:30, but it was gone 16:30 before anyone came around to see how Kate was, by which time there was a certain amount of pain happening. “Oh yes, you’re at just over 5 cm. [dilation]”. Oookaaay — we weren’t quite expecting that ... and Zak’s still with us! Quick ’phone call to Mum & Dad!

Just after I call my Mum at work and tell her what ward we’re in, we’re whisked to the delivery room. <sigh> Back outside to use the mobile again ...

Around 18:30–19:00, my parents turn up after being stuck in traffic, and take a decidedly boisterous and tired Zachary off our hands — we’re at the hand–squeezing stage by now.

Then it’s the final “push”, as t’were. We decide against an epidural (which Kate naturally changes her mind about at that point in the birth), but go for a Pethedine after some gas & air doesn’t seem to help. Hopefully, just the one won’t knock Kate out like two doses did last time.

20:15 and Kate wants to start pushing, but at only 8 cm. she mustn’t (apparently that can actually retract the dilation). This the real hurt–time, so out comes the gas and air again. This sees us through to 21:00 at which point the midwife changes shift (she’d been clock–watching for a quarter of an hour or so).

21:10, the new midwife takes over, and we’re off. Some half an hour or so of extreme effort (I nearly fainted with the psuedo–strain and sympathetic breathing!) and son number two emerges. A little nose–vacuuming and some oxygen (as he’s a bit blue — but not as bad as Zak was) and he seems to be fine. We even get a little cry, which we didn’t with Zak for his first 5 days. And this time, Kate’s with it enough to appreciate him straight off.

He didn’t feed terribly well, and since Kate was so exhausted, she decided to stay in for the following Saturday night even though they offered to let her out before then. So finally, early afternoon on Sunday, we arrive home. Later that evening, Zak even deigned to join us, completing the new family. Plus, lest I forget, he was born with a tooth showing, which Kate’s nipples are dead chuffed about :)

And so begins the two–hour nightly feeding pattern, with the little sod mostly sleeping during the day :-(

... and after so much waffle, on with the piccies (compare and contrast Jay’s first appearance with Zak’s. Click on the thumbnails to view the full picture :-

Zak decides he HAS to take a picture Jarod, fresh out of the oven Yes, it really was this dark And now it’s after midnight
Jay and Nanna Jay and Grandma Jay and Zak Jay and Grandad – wot no Gramps?
Jarod Thomas Bird Jay’s going–home outfit Doesn’t look terribly confortable ... Jarod & Zacharay – getting on for now ...