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Here’re all the scanned in piccies of Zak when he was still Prawn.

Pictures from the 37–week (& 6 days) stage in the Fœtal Assessment Unit. Check ’em out:

Week 37, scan 1  (hand covering face)
Week 37, scan 2  (side of face; nose & ear)
Week 37, scan 3  (hand holding foot)

These are the six scans taken at the week–20 “abnormality scan”. Click on the thumbnail to view the full picture :-

Week 20, scan 1  (bust, side–on)
Week 20, scan 2  (front ‘face’ view)
Week 20, scan 3  (sole of foot)
Week 20, scan 4  (arm flailing about)
Week 20, scan 5  (sole of foot, & hand about to grab it)
Week 20, scan 6  (‘face’ and chest)