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Here’s some Linux sofware I’ve pulled together. Nothing much of my own yet, but give me time ...

UPDATED 23th November 2013 Hardware Monitor Applet moves home again

Well, this was the new home of Ole Laurson's rather excellent hardware-monitor-applet for GNOME. But then came GNOME 3, which unfortunately deprecated all the old GNOME 2 applets :-O Please see it's page for further updates.

I’ve pulled together a small number of RPMs for my RedHat/Fedora box, currently at F8 (Werewolf). These are all either ported from other distro.s, (see .spec files for details) or crafted myself from the raw tarballs. If they’re mine, I apologise if I’ve stuffed up the dependancies — please let me know of you find any mistakes.

There are also yum 2.0 headers available for the FC5–FC7 RPMs. See the actual directories for details.

I've not bothered uploading my RPMs in a while since no-one seemed to be using them but me. I have gone through Fedoras 9, 10 and 12. I'll look at uploading what little I now have to compile myself when I upgraed to Fedora 13; that's not much: Fedora seems to come with pretty much everything now anyway!