Controlling Sonos via a Google Home and Google Assistant

I just bought a Google Home Mini to play with while they’re on a Black Friday offer.  They don’t connect to Sonos by default yet, so I thought I’d try to do something about it … Continue reading

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Fixing TV screen size via nVidia HDMI for MythTV

A bit of a brain-dump to record what I just (re?) did having bought a new telly and finding that the HDMI output of my MythTV PVR was overscanning so I was losing a large margin of picture around the edges. Continue reading

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XFCE4 port of Hardware Monitor Applet

Just a quicky today: I’d briefly adopted the GNOME 2 Hardware Monitor Applet, only to find GNOME 3 dropping support for such applets.  However, all is not lost! Continue reading

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Ode to Amazon’s automated systems

A week or so ago I received a parcel from Amazon.  It was addressed to me, but inside the only thing was an HP inkjet cartridge (I own a Canon printer) and the receipt was someone else’s (their name, address, etc., nothing to do with me).  Turns out, Amazon can’t cope with this sort of error.

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Adding a guest WiFi connection to a Technicolor broadband router

I recently had to switch out my older router to the latest PlusNet “stock” router as it was playing up.  The old one had a “guest” WiFi capability which I liked, and so I set about trying to add it to the new one.

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HDMI Audio in Scientific Linux 6

I had expected that this was going to be a long post with excruciating detail on what I had to do to get audio out of my new PVR’s nVidia card HDMI output.  But like all correct solutions, the answer was simple.

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Migrating from Visual SourceSafe to Subversion

We migrated from VSS to SVN some years ago, but the question of how to do it still crops up every now and again, so I thought I’d post my notes on the conversion process that I happened to use.

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Changing the default iPod application under GNOME 3

I’ve taken to using the rather nice cross-platform Clementine in lieu of Rhythmbox, which has been glitching and freezing since I upgraded to Fedora 16.  However, Nautilus (the file manager) was still proffering Rhythmbox when I plugged my son’s iPod in.

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Read the current terminal size from within bash

I’ve long wondered about a clean way to read terminal (xterm) escape sequence responses, especially from script/the command line.  I’ve just come across a need to query the terminal size, and so it was time to go digging. Continue reading

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Using multiple fetchmail instances for instant gratification

For various reasons I have 10 email accounts spread across various servers for the family and me, and have always used an instance of fetchmail to round-robin connect to these and download all emails locally (see my previous post about cloud email). But this means I might have to wait 5-10 minutes to get new emails! But no longer…
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