Simon’s Cat

So.  Here it is.  My blog.  As if I’d really have that much interesting to say.

I wondered what I was going to put in as my first blog entry.  I was going to wait till April 1st as a sort of round-number semi-ironic sort of thing, but stuff it, the thing’s installed, I might as well use it.  So I’ll start with something fun.

Simon’s Cat.

I stumbled across this on the Net last week (I’m not in the habit of wasting my time on YouTube, you understand, I really did come across the link!), and, being a cat owner, found it pretty good.

There are currently two episodes, I’ll try to embed them, and put links in too.  Hey, I’m new to this!  Usually my web pages are lovingly hand-crafted HTML 🙂

It actually occurs to me that today is my middle brother‘s birthday, and his middle name’s “Simon”.  So it’s almost like I planned it!

Let Me In

Cat Man Do



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  1. Dean says: I never thought I’d see a Bird using frames. Is he the brother you keep locked away under the stairs?

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