Invisible Pink Unicorn

So I ‘ve decided to become an IPUist.

I have to wonder whether it’s a slightly more serious matter in the USA (but only slightly 🙂 ) given that it appears to be more of an effort to be an atheist over there.  Over here, well, I primarily chose IPUism as I like the look of the logo better than that of the Pastafarians.

Although the ‘Pastafarian’ alias for Flying Spaghetti Monsterism  is significantly more cool that ‘IPUism’, there’s always the likelihood that if you ever wrote it down, someone’d just think you accidentally wrote a ‘P’ instead of an ‘R’!  At least with IPUism you’d have to look it up.

Invisible Pink Unicorn logo

I got the label pin and car emblem from ROF for a very reasonable price (mostly due to the dollar being stuffed compared to Sterling).  I may upload a pic. or two some time if I can’t think of anything else to post 😉


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