Daylight Savings Time

Rant mode on:  today, I am mostly being irritated by the recent change from GMT to BST.

I mean, why, in this day and age?  My body clock’s not yet adjusted, so I’m getting to sleep later than I need to and waking up totally stuffed.   Plus, the mornings have gone back to being dark (although I do, admittely, get up at an ungodly hour).

This Slashdot post documents a report that proves, at least for the USA, that the change to daylight savings is a waste of energy (despite their recent change being allegedly to save energy).

Just give us GMT, and forget all about BST.  It’d all be so much easier.

In fact, while you’re at it, if the rest of the world could live on GMT too, that’d be great.

Time for a nap (Zebedee didn’t say) …


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3 Responses to Daylight Savings Time

  1. Dean says:

    Have you seen what happens when somebody posts a comment?

    I just got my first one:
    “My best friend told me about this site. I thrust him, so I opened my Internet-browser and went surfing! After reading these news I was totally impressed by this article, even if it’s not true it’s written in a way that makes you believe it.”

    The article reads:
    “Headshot for actor, Andrea Hoban.”

    Alrighty, then!

  2. fnx says:

    It’s blog spam, you twonk.

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