Cinema listings via MythTV

The current MythTV has a “movies” section on the information centre that reports cinema times for local cinemas.

The fetcher script that comes with Myth only services the USA, but a couple of people have written ones (both in Perl) that use Google’s ‘movie’ facility ( and so they work (at least) in the UK.  There’re two that I know of, and have downloaded, and twiddled with a bit to tidy up the output and cope with various bits of information that I’ve found can be missing.

Neither have an obvious webite to link to, so I’ll put my twiddled versions here as well for reference.  (NB: both currently link directly to;  this tidies up the cinema addresses for those in the UK.  Change to your own local google).

The first (mentioned on the MthTV mailing list) is a rather cool bit of DOM parsing but which disappointingly didn’t work for me off the bat.  It does now, but isn’t actually the most flexible of the two.

The second is a straightforward screen scraper that’s not as pretty, code wise, but certainbly does the trick.  It’s the one I use at the moment.


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5 Responses to Cinema listings via MythTV

  1. Rick Boyer says:

    Would you be interested in exchanging blogrolls links with my site? Please email me if you are interested

  2. kristian says:

    great work, thanks very much for putting these up where they can be found. and thanks most importantly to the original writers of the scripts.

    you were much more successful than i was searching for uk based cinema listings, i couldn’t find squat

    this will certainly impress the SO 😉

  3. John says:

    This script is excellent, I was using the original and had made some minor modifications to get it to vaguely work. What I have found however is that when more than 1 page of results is returned by google, the MythTV page only shows the results from the 1st page. (I’m using the fancy DOM one!)

    Is there a setting we can parse google in the URL string, or will it be more complex in that it will have to check for next and then paginate?

    Thanks again for this awesome piece of work.

  4. fnx says:

    Loading a sequence of pages is certainly feasible, but I’d need an example to test with … and not this week, I’m on holiday!

  5. Jonty says:


    I’ve been maintaining/rewriting the DOM version for the last year or so, and even attempted to get it merged into mythtv mainline. For a while I was keeping updated versions on the mythtv trac ticket, but then they locked it as it had too much activity!

    I finally bothered to put it up on github, where I’ll keep maintaining it and you can fork/push changes back to me if need be.

    Find it here:


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