Uploading pictures to Flickr from a Nokia N97

Thought I’d tinker with picture uploading, but try as I might, I could only get my Nokia 97 to proffer Ovi as an upload target from it’s Share Online application.  Seemed a bit fascist, so I did some googling …

I don’t know why Nokia are forcing you to use Ovi for everything (I can see why they’d want to make it the default, but that’s different).  Although I’ve got an Ovi account, I wanted to be a sheeple and link to Flickr.

Some googling turned up this config. file.  (if the link’s broken, google for flickr_configuration_file.rar or flickr_configuration_file.cfg.  I sent the cfg file to my phone from my Linux box (I’ll blog that in a sec. as well), and after I;d clicked on the new message that appeared, I found I had Flickr as a destination on Share Online.  Top!

Now licking on the upload icon from a photo in the phone automatically uploads it to Flickr.

Well, it says it is, my Flickr stream (fnxweb, what else?) still isn’t show them, but time will tell.


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