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Pain with grub2 when upgrading from Fedora 14 to Fedora 16

I meant to blog this when it was still fresh in my mind, but frankly, it was such a nightmare upgrading my Fedora 14 box to Fedora 16 that I just wanted to put it all behind me and get … Continue reading

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MythTV and the UK Digital Switchover

We had part one of the Digital Switchover in our area on Wednesday, so I finally had to bite the bullet and do a proper DVB channel re-scan on my MythTV box.

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Removing the large resize grip / button in GNOME Terminal

I like to have my GNOME Terminal scrollbar on the left (it reminds me of xterm then).  But in GNOME 3 there’s a fugly triangular grip/button that sits in the bottom right obscuring text!

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Moving my emails (sort of) into The Cloud

I’ve been meaning to migrate my email to the “cloud” for some time now (well, a little local cloudlet), but my last attempt a couple of years or so ago came a cropper & scared me off.  But now I’ve … Continue reading

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Fedora 16 issues – part 2: Empathy

Finally seem to have gotten the GNOME IM tool “Empathy” partially working.  What a pain in the jacksie that was.

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Fixing some issues with Fedora 16

This should be a short one, I’m not going to explain much, just report a couple of issues I’ve had with Fedora 16 since updating from Fedora 14, and which took me some digging to sort out.

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Fixing the HTC Sensation WiFi hotspot app

Last year I got an HTC Sensation, with which I’ve been very happy (well, except for the ol’ dust-under-the-screen issue, but I can live with that for now).  However, I could never get its WiFi hotspot app to work.  Till … Continue reading

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Recovering missing iPlayer icon from PS3

OK, I was going to make my first post after the house burnt down about that, but frankly life’s too short.  Check out the pics. on Picasa if you’re interested.  Instead, this is about missing icons on the Playstation 3 … Continue reading

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And here is WordPress 3.0

Upgrading to 3.0 was quite a pleasant experience. Well, aside from apparently being hacked at the same time, that is.

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Send files to a bluetooth device from Linux

Short and sweet, this one.  I think nautilus tries to be clever and produce a “send to bluetooth” menu option when you right-click on certain file types.  I’ve never had this work terribly well, if at all, so I’ve added … Continue reading

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