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Recovering missing iPlayer icon from PS3

OK, I was going to make my first post after the house burnt down about that, but frankly life’s too short.  Check out the pics. on Picasa if you’re interested.  Instead, this is about missing icons on the Playstation 3 … Continue reading

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Fedora 12 and amazonmp3

Just discovered that the rather nifty amazonmp3 utility supplied by Amazon to do its MP3 downloads still only supports up to Fedora 11 (among other Linux distros), and won’t run on my Fedora 12.  Fortunately, it’s fixable.

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Have you sold your soul for games?

Around 7,500 customers recently sold their souls to games-shop;  read more in this Yahoo news article.

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White dog shit

I’ve had a number of minor conversations over the years that pondered the disappearance of the crumbly piles of white doggy poo that people of a certain age, myself included, swear were common place in the 70s and early 80s.

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Blonde Joke

Today, I just thought I’d share this pretty humorous blond joke with you.  Follow the link below.  Apologies if you’re a blonde 🙂 Enjoy!

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Simon’s Cat

So.  Here it is.  My blog.  As if I’d really have that much interesting to say. I wondered what I was going to put in as my first blog entry.  I was going to wait till April 1st as a … Continue reading

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