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Uploading pictures to Flickr from a Nokia N97

Thought I’d tinker with picture uploading, but try as I might, I could only get my Nokia 97 to proffer Ovi as an upload target from it’s Share Online application.  Seemed a bit fascist, so I did some googling …

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Have you sold your soul for games?

Around 7,500 customers recently sold their souls to games-shop;  read more in this Yahoo news article.

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Mobile device colour test

A handy screen colour capability test by Merit Web. A must for showing how much better your new mobile is at displaying colour than somebody else’s inferior device.

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Thunderbird failing to update extensions

So for a while I’ve been getting “An error occurred while trying to find updates for xxx” when looking for Thunderbird extension updates.  A bit of a Google has shown me the fix, so I thought I’d share.

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Cinema listings via MythTV

The current MythTV has a “movies” section on the information centre that reports cinema times for local cinemas.

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About time I wrote up a little of what I discovered while I was trying to fix grub when I replaced my MythTV boot drive.

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0wned no more

Well, I’ve pretty much discovered what was going on with my box being hacked, and I’m fairly happy I’ve cleaned out the ‘infection’.

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Gack!  My home PC got cracked earlier in the week!

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I’ve been trying to replace my current 2 hard drives in my MythTV PVR with a single new one, but have suffered major grief getting the thing to boot.

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No sound in Firefox Flash plugin

I’m pretty certain that I had this after upgrading my main PC to Fedora 8, but I hit it again this weekend on my laptop: no sound playing flash videos in Firefox.

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