Uploading pictures to Flickr from a Nokia N97

Thought I’d tinker with picture uploading, but try as I might, I could only get my Nokia 97 to proffer Ovi as an upload target from it’s Share Online application.  Seemed a bit fascist, so I did some googling …

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Fedora 12 and amazonmp3

Just discovered that the rather nifty amazonmp3 utility supplied by Amazon to do its MP3 downloads still only supports up to Fedora 11 (among other Linux distros), and won’t run on my Fedora 12.  Fortunately, it’s fixable.

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Have you sold your soul for games?

Around 7,500 customers recently sold their souls to games-shop gamestation.co.uk;  read more in this Yahoo news article.

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Mobile device colour test

A handy screen colour capability test by Merit Web. A must for showing how much better your new mobile is at displaying colour than somebody else’s inferior device.

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Firefox 3.6 refusing to start

I started having an issue on my Linux box shortly after firefox 3.6 came out:  it simply refused to start.  It’d try, but then just quit, without ever displaying anything or printing any errors.

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Thunderbird failing to update extensions

So for a while I’ve been getting “An error occurred while trying to find updates for xxx” when looking for Thunderbird extension updates.  A bit of a Google has shown me the fix, so I thought I’d share.

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Cinema listings via MythTV

The current MythTV has a “movies” section on the information centre that reports cinema times for local cinemas. Continue reading

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Custom MediaWiki functions

I run a wiki at work, and have done for a few year, but it’s only recently I’ve started getting down and dirty with customisation. Continue reading

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About time I wrote up a little of what I discovered while I was trying to fix grub when I replaced my MythTV boot drive. Continue reading

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